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Welcome to Electronics and Electrical Engineering Laboratory.

Magnetic Gun

Science - Science Project

This is a very interesting project. You can use this circuit making a any kinds of fun project. You can  show it any project fair.




How to make a TV Transmitter ?

Radio - FM-Radio Transmitter

 TV transmitter

Use it to rebroadcast video signals throughout your house.


One of the most useful gadgets a video enthusiast can have is a low-power TV Transmitter. Such a device can transmit a signal from a VCR to any TV in a home or backyard. Imagine the convenience of being able to sit by the pool watching your favorite movie on a portable with a tape or laserdisc playing indoors. You could even retransmit cable TV for your own private viewing. Videotapes can be dubbed from one VCR to another without a cable connecting the two machines together.


Mini-box 2W Amplifier


How to make a Mini 2W Amplifier?
This is a Low cost and simple circuit for 2W mini amplifier.

Circuit Diagram:

2W Amplifier



Fire Alarm with NE555 circuit diagram

Audio - Alarm

This is a very simple and low cost fire alarm circuit based NE555 timer and use thermistor as temperature sensor.


1)This sensor will activate the transistor when the temperature is in high value.

2)The thermistor offers a low resistance at high temperature and high resistance at low imperature. This phenomenon is employed here for sensing the fire.

3) The IC1 (NE555) is configured as a free running oscillator at audio frequency. The transistors T1 and T2 drive IC1.


Color Sensor Circuit Diagram

Sensor - Color Sensor

This is a color sensor Circuit Diagram. This circuit will sense 8 colors that are: , green, red and blue ; magenta, cyan and yellow ; and black and white. It’s will be very useful for robotics project.

 The object whose colour is required to be detected should be placed in front of the system. The light rays reflected from the object will fall on the three convex lenses which are fixed in front of the three LDRs. The convex lenses are used to converge light rays. This helps to increase the sensitivity of LDRs. Blue, green and red glass plates (filters) are fixed in front of LDR1, LDR2 and LDR3 respectively. When reflected light rays from the object fall on the gadget, the coloured filter glass plates determine which of the LDRs would get triggered.


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